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Mercedes Benz NTG 6

The Mercedes-Benz NTG 6.0 system allows you to connect additional video devices, for example: navigation box, rear view camera, front view camera, smartphone mirroring adapter, universal CarPlay adapter, TV tuner to the standard head unit. The video interface is equipped with a parking line function. It has many important peculiarities: * Allows you to connect additional navigation, as well as display it and use it on the OEM monitor * Allows you to connect a rear and front view camera * Connecting the Universal CarPlay Adapter * Connecting the Smartphone Screen Mirroring Adapter * Allows you to connect a TV tuner * Possibility to connect additional touch screen * Switching modes with standard buttons * Supports parking lines function In order to obtain a map update for your Mercedes you have to prepare a 64GB SD/USB stick, download the update (we'll send you the link right after the payment) and extract the data to it according to our instruction manual. We'll need your car VIN so we could prepare an activation code for you. Next you’ll have to put the Flash drive into your car’s SD/USB port and wait till the update dialog is shown asking you wherever to start the update. Then you’ll be asked for an activation code. Enter it, go through the steps and wait till the update is finished. The process may take up to 60 minutes for EU maps.

Countries available now:

Australia / New Zealand v5 2020, Europe v17 2022, India v10 2021, Japan v11 2021, Middle East / Africa v6.2 2021, North America v16.1 2022, South America v12 2021, South East Asia / Taiwan v11 2022


Mercedes Benz NTG 6 is compatible with such Mercedes models: * Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II generation (C907) Facelift * Mercedes-Benz A-Class IV generation (W177) * Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class II generation (X167) * Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class II generation (W167) * Mercedes-Benz B-Class III generation (W247) * Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class II generation (C118)

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